Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i'm only fooling myself

don't even know why
you are still in my mind
trying so hard to get you out of my heart
but in each and every heartbeat
there you are

any song i heard
it reminds me of you
why am i stupid enough to let myself fall for you
when i know that in the end i will suffer
i don't want you to be in my life anymore
but you just pop out from nowhere each and everytime

why am i fooling myself
i am still foolishly in love with you.....


Anarif_88 said...

salam...abon, najah ni.heheheh....aku dh follow blog hang. ;)

zan-get-sue[change_the_world] said...

lol blog ni x aktif...kadang2 jer aku tulis

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