Tuesday, February 15, 2011

lying cold on the ground,
the night is silent with no sound,
i'm all alone and i think no one will found me,
thinking of the things that i hold dear,
looking to the sky acting like it's gonna tell me my future,
if the stupid stars gonna tell me what i'm gonna be in a few years,

nobody knows what i'm dealing with,
with all the shit that i kept inside with no one to share with,
fuck those who says they understands me,
it's a fucking understatement to say that the love me!
when i know that when i'm doin great they'll stand by me!
and just walk away when i'm a mess!

what the hell with me and everybody,
trying to be who i am but everybody shoves me,
to the sidewalk like i am a freakin'garbage,
that is why i'm always full of this freakin rage,
all the thing in this world is so fucking ugly,
eventho that u tell yourself it's all beatiful and shit,
just to convince urself that this is all what you want it for,
that this life is to die for.

i'll be damn if u are the thing that i die for,
u are not worth of my time to think of
the thing that i'm feeling now is just fuck the hell off,
nobody ever care in the first place,
saying that i should be in my place,
if u r running my pace you would see that,
being all happy and shit ain't all that,
this life is not what u wanna make it to be,
but what others wants u to be,

you know what,
fuck all of it
i'm gonna live my life like i see fit,
walking to them and just say shove it,
if yoi don't like it,
what you gonna do about it?


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