Thursday, November 6, 2008

god help us

a lot has happened since the people revelation

we have seen there has been a lot of uncertainties in our country
from pak lah's decision of leaving the umno's president chair and the sodomy charges on anwar

but the truth is our country is on the verge of change
needless to say after 8th of march we have seen a lot of changes

but some things still remain the same

1.if u want somebody out of the parliament place a sodomy charges on him
a)mahathir kicked anwar out of the government with a sodomy charge
b)pak lah had done the same as well

2.the insignificant leader of wanita umno is still in power
a)rafidah is the president
b)she is still running for president with her colleague shahrizat

3.razaleigh hamzah still think that he is better than anyone
there need no explaining for that i said before if u r dead rich....u can kill someone go into court and be free man
razak baginda's case is enough to justify the truth
and the ex minister's son also walkaway from murder untouched

5.the bad, bald, black, sammy veloo is still the MIC president


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