Tuesday, November 18, 2008


the thing about trying to change the world is, it is almost impossible when it is done with your own hand...haha that is the fact.
but sometimes it does happened. hmmmm
it actually will need a miracle to do it.

the world is a really(and i mean reaaaaaally) a bad place. well you should already know yhat by know.hahahaha in reality the world we lived in (sorry i have to actually use this word) sucks.
but the world itself is not that bad...
but us human actually make it look bad....
hmmm all the killin bakstabbin , abuse and evrythin has actually create an unsafe world we lived in
hmmm human being actally manage to do one simple thing, and that is creating a world that is soooo bad that sometimes many people just give up hope just try to hang on to it.
a week ago i acyually wrote about obama's achievement on being the first black president....but can reaaly he brings change to this dying world...
would he really stop the israel and palestine war....would the harassment to the islamic world ever stop....can he actually obeys the rio protocol....
this will all be answered after he is in charge and that is 64 days from now..but he should acknowledge that the muslims in america has been roting for him since his bash with hillary.
and i really hope that it would happen...hmmmmmm


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