Tuesday, November 4, 2008

why barrack obama is better then john mcain [by:zangetsu trying to change the world]

1. barrack obama is black
a)we've actually know that he is black but, why is it he is better than john mcain,
maybe because lots of white presidents scares me alot
war in vietnam, war in iraq [bush senior and junior double combo],ww2,9.11,afghanistan,the cold war, the civil war,act against terrorism.........what do they have in common WHITE....HAHAHA

2.john mcain is an ex patriot.
a)we have learn that ex army guys should never be president.
take a look at perves musharraf; causing acountry to be in complete mayhem.
b)they have learn to eradicate compassion in their hearts
american army force is the lest compassionate species in the entire human race
killing families, bombings,and everything else can you imagine what actually happens when a guy like mr john mcain would do if he is the president.

3.john mcain has sarah palin on his side
a) seriously nobody should ever consider an alaskan to be in power hahahaha

4)lewis hamilton wins F1
a)why is it relevant?cause he is black and maybe that is a sign hahahaha


endurance said...

love the Nu4)hahaha..good humour

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