Tuesday, November 4, 2008

a typical malaysian

what is a typical malaysian:

1.always wants to be cynical on a serious topic
for example:
a)our ex prime minister once clearly admit that he actually frame anuar ibrahim..... hmmm
b)pak lah's statement on the date of our general election.

2.if u r damn rich you will smile going into trial for murder
for example:
a)razak baginda's super calmness and smile when he is facing a murder trial.....(seriously if you are super rich you will smile facing a murder trial here)

3.saying that he/she is loyal then end up in syariah court for 'khalwat'@divorce@or even both.
for example:
a)norman hakim and abby abadi
hmm not a good one too

4.goin on a cat fight over "hak keistimewaan org melayu"
for example:
a)look at the previous arguments on the topic by syed hamid albar and zaid hamidi
b)continuos arguments by MCA, DAP,HINDRAF on this very sensitive topic

5.reality shows are pretty much everything
for example:
a)u cant even give 50 bucks to tsunami victims but for mawi.........
b)mawi's wedding is being bid for the rights to show it on air


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